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Artist SHOCKS Judges After Pressing Red Buzzers! | Got Talent Global


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Creative Talented People 😍 Most Amazing Art Drawing Video #88! Satisfying Lettering Calligraphy.

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  1. I absolutely hated how the female judge reacted. She at first pressed the buzzer then she again laughed at her work and did a hand gesture which seemed she was having fun after pressing the buzzer! Then she also influenced other judges to press the buzzer too. It explains what happens when an Untalented and undeserving person gets the wrong place to sit and judge! What a moron!

  2. Didn't the show end just then? With a massive protest from the public? And the viewers? Didn't the rating for this rubbishy show drop to 0 at that point?
    Ah well, this goes to show why I have very little faith in humanity.

  3. That lady in white is one of the stupidest judge I have ever seen, hell have some patience to let the artist finish her job first. Can’t believe such idiots call themselves judge and even getting paid for that 😂

  4. I don't understand the language but did the female judge trying to convince other judges to push the buzzer? Cos she's saying its not going nowhere? If she did then she really can't do that.
    Either way, they're all arrogants & idiots. I'm glad she didn't come back when they asked her & teach them a lesson. Learn how to be patient. Hope she pursed her dreams in art & become so successful that she make these guys look like homeless.

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